Dec. 26th, 2011

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 I get it, I haven't posted here in, gosh, ages. It's not my fault. I lost track of assorted passwords and then tumblr happened and suddenly it's December? In any case, here are my new year's resolutions.
  • Write novel. 
    • This is my big goal. Number one. I realize I just did bullets instead of numbers, but it's still number one. I have the title, I have theidea. All that's left  is the work. I signed up to [community profile] inkingitout to help kick my butt on that front.
  • Organize
    • This is a multi-stage goal. First is the room by room cleaning, deciding what stays and goes, then, hopefully, I will set up anorganizational system to make things less likely to implode.
  • Finish cabinet project
    • Half-done cabinet refurb project. It got sidelined by the holiday (and let's face it, by other distractions)
These are obviously not very detailed, and many of these are multi-stage resolutions, but this is for me. Oh! Just remembered another, fun resolution!
  • Sort Lego to build more creatively
  • Build more creatively.
  • Also draw more.
kittyfreud: photo of me holding a holiday bow to my head (Default)
 I'm most likely adapting a character I created years ago for a destined-to-not-so-much-be-abandoned-but-never-started story to go into this one (working title- Unseen). I'm debating whether or not I should come up with names based on MY OWN FAMILY TREE. I mean, there's some really interesting names way back there.

Let's see if I can get people to name their kids Christenia like how Stephanie Meyer got people to name their kids Isabella. Bwahaha. 

I may be going power mad before I have the power, but it's a fleeting insanity, I swear.


kittyfreud: photo of me holding a holiday bow to my head (Default)

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