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As I was going through my icons, trying to find a gardening one (I have one of Poison Ivy, which is as close as I can be right now), I realized just how many innuendo icons I have. This is not shocking.

In other news, more garden related, like I intended, my garden is beginning to sprout more each day. This is exciting. Every morning after I get up (or afternoon, don't lie to the people, Kelsey), I run out to see what's new. Today? Beans. I have two blooms (two!) on my upside-down tomato. Yes, I got one of those As-seen-on-TV Topsy-Turvy tomato planters. It was on sale, and I'm a curious sort. It works well. I'm all excited about all the vegetables that I'll have in a while.

It's hot as balls, though. According to, it is "84°?! IT'S FUCKING HOT! I just saw a bird panting." It'll get hotter, likely, in July and August, but Indiana weather always does this right before the pools open. It gets hot and very humid. After the pools open, though, the temperature will drop about 15° and it'll rain. 


Hey, look. I'm updating and junk. Amazing.


May. 15th, 2009 01:14 am
kittyfreud: photo of me holding a holiday bow to my head (Wat)
Testing out dreamwidth. I thoroughly enjoy the icon space, but I choose to fill it with stuff like this. Hal is amazed. Now, I will update from time to time (whenever I damn well feel like it. Don't expect much). I have a garden now, so I'll probably end up babbling about my vegetables at some point. (Not now. They're all seeds in the ground or freshly planted tomato plants.) This reminds me, I need to find my camera, or more importantly, find my camera cord and battery charger.


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