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It's possible that I need to seriously plan out my story much more than I have. New goal for January - make a solid outline and character bios. That way, I will actually be able to know what the hell I'm writing. But ugh planning. Worst part.
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 Well, we're reaching the final hours of 2011 where I'm sitting- the grand old timezone called Eastern Standard, and I can't help thinking back on the past twelve months. Lets face it, they sucked. Of course, they sucked more for millions of other people more than it sucked for me. I live in a place that was completely untouched by natural disasters, which is a Very Good Thing. There were no violent retaliations to protests where I live, also a Very Good Thing. For that, I'm thankful.

Things I am not thankful for- 
  • A quickly worsening job situation because of horrible office politics which eventually led to my no longer working there.
    • This also led to a souring relationship with my stepmother, who was also my boss (bad idea? yeah, I know)
  • Increased anxiety, almost to the point of it keeping me from socializing completely
  • Long-distance relationship stress dissolving a six-year-long relationship with my boyfriend.
    • At least in this case, we communicate in much the same way, so that's a plus.
  • Family members having to endure cancer treatments in the past year. They're doing well, but it's terrifying.
So, here's to 2012. It may bring the end of the world (it won't), but it has at least brought an end to this year. And for that, it is already better. I have goals for 2012. I have a plan. Bring it on.

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Holy seed catalogs, Batman. I got seven in the mail today. Seven. Now, this is my fault, I signed up for them last year, because this time of year I get delusions of grand gardens, and seed catalogs are beautiful.

In other news, I have a protagonist name for certain now, at least a first name. The protagonist in Unseen will be named Matta, inspired by a nickname an ancestor of mine used. Interestingly enough, her last name was Horn. Matta Horn. No relation to the mountain.
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 I'm most likely adapting a character I created years ago for a destined-to-not-so-much-be-abandoned-but-never-started story to go into this one (working title- Unseen). I'm debating whether or not I should come up with names based on MY OWN FAMILY TREE. I mean, there's some really interesting names way back there.

Let's see if I can get people to name their kids Christenia like how Stephanie Meyer got people to name their kids Isabella. Bwahaha. 

I may be going power mad before I have the power, but it's a fleeting insanity, I swear.
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 I get it, I haven't posted here in, gosh, ages. It's not my fault. I lost track of assorted passwords and then tumblr happened and suddenly it's December? In any case, here are my new year's resolutions.
  • Write novel. 
    • This is my big goal. Number one. I realize I just did bullets instead of numbers, but it's still number one. I have the title, I have theidea. All that's left  is the work. I signed up to [community profile] inkingitout to help kick my butt on that front.
  • Organize
    • This is a multi-stage goal. First is the room by room cleaning, deciding what stays and goes, then, hopefully, I will set up anorganizational system to make things less likely to implode.
  • Finish cabinet project
    • Half-done cabinet refurb project. It got sidelined by the holiday (and let's face it, by other distractions)
These are obviously not very detailed, and many of these are multi-stage resolutions, but this is for me. Oh! Just remembered another, fun resolution!
  • Sort Lego to build more creatively
  • Build more creatively.
  • Also draw more.
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As I was going through my icons, trying to find a gardening one (I have one of Poison Ivy, which is as close as I can be right now), I realized just how many innuendo icons I have. This is not shocking.

In other news, more garden related, like I intended, my garden is beginning to sprout more each day. This is exciting. Every morning after I get up (or afternoon, don't lie to the people, Kelsey), I run out to see what's new. Today? Beans. I have two blooms (two!) on my upside-down tomato. Yes, I got one of those As-seen-on-TV Topsy-Turvy tomato planters. It was on sale, and I'm a curious sort. It works well. I'm all excited about all the vegetables that I'll have in a while.

It's hot as balls, though. According to, it is "84°?! IT'S FUCKING HOT! I just saw a bird panting." It'll get hotter, likely, in July and August, but Indiana weather always does this right before the pools open. It gets hot and very humid. After the pools open, though, the temperature will drop about 15° and it'll rain. 


Hey, look. I'm updating and junk. Amazing.


May. 15th, 2009 01:14 am
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Testing out dreamwidth. I thoroughly enjoy the icon space, but I choose to fill it with stuff like this. Hal is amazed. Now, I will update from time to time (whenever I damn well feel like it. Don't expect much). I have a garden now, so I'll probably end up babbling about my vegetables at some point. (Not now. They're all seeds in the ground or freshly planted tomato plants.) This reminds me, I need to find my camera, or more importantly, find my camera cord and battery charger.


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