Dec. 31st, 2011

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 Well, we're reaching the final hours of 2011 where I'm sitting- the grand old timezone called Eastern Standard, and I can't help thinking back on the past twelve months. Lets face it, they sucked. Of course, they sucked more for millions of other people more than it sucked for me. I live in a place that was completely untouched by natural disasters, which is a Very Good Thing. There were no violent retaliations to protests where I live, also a Very Good Thing. For that, I'm thankful.

Things I am not thankful for- 
  • A quickly worsening job situation because of horrible office politics which eventually led to my no longer working there.
    • This also led to a souring relationship with my stepmother, who was also my boss (bad idea? yeah, I know)
  • Increased anxiety, almost to the point of it keeping me from socializing completely
  • Long-distance relationship stress dissolving a six-year-long relationship with my boyfriend.
    • At least in this case, we communicate in much the same way, so that's a plus.
  • Family members having to endure cancer treatments in the past year. They're doing well, but it's terrifying.
So, here's to 2012. It may bring the end of the world (it won't), but it has at least brought an end to this year. And for that, it is already better. I have goals for 2012. I have a plan. Bring it on.


kittyfreud: photo of me holding a holiday bow to my head (Default)

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